Behaviour Consultations

Canine Behavioural Consultations

Private consultations are offered to help with behavioural problems in your dog.  We specialize in problem behaviours, including anxieties, fears, aggression, excessive vocalizations, and destructive behaviours. Bringing a new human baby home soon?  We can help ease the transition for your dog. Some dogs and their caregivers require weekly sessions, while others do well simply with one or two sessions.

On-Site Consultation

Come to our facility and spend one-on-one time with our behaviourist and your dog as we work through whatever issues you may have.  All hour long sessions are scheduled during our regular hours and will take place in our private party room.

Rate: $55 per session +tax


In-Home Consultation

Is your dog having issues specific to your own home?  Or are you possibly not able to make it to the Behaviour Centre?  If that is the case, then we are more than happy to come to you!

Rate: $90 per session +tax

Travel Charges may apply. Please contact us for details.


Behavioural Consultations for All Other Companion Animal Species
We are educated and experienced in cat, horse, bird, reptile, and pocket pet behaviours and offer private in home consultations or phone consultations for these species, in addition to canine behaviours. Contact us for pricing.

Pet Selection Consultations
We offer individualized consultations to help you in selecting the right pet and breed for your family and lifestyle. We will discuss with your entire family the time and commitment that they have and exactly what you are looking for and will then present you with a variety of suitable choices.  Whether you don't know if you want a dog or cat, or whether you can't decide on a breed of dog or cat, we can offer our expertise to ensure a good match between your family and the soon-to-be new addition.  Pet selection consultations are $80 and come with 1 free private obedience/educational lesson once your bring your new puppy or kitten home!