Puppy Socialization and Obedience Class

Puppy class focuses on teaching basic obedience, helping caregivers with puppy issues, such as biting and house soiling, and allowing puppies to socialize with each other and other people during class.

Divided by size for suitable puppy play groups.  Designed for puppies between 12 weeks and 20 weeks of age (will accept up to 6 months of age).

4 weeks, $110 + tax

SATURDAYS- Small breeds at 11 am & large breeds at 12:30 pm. NO DOGS first week! 

Next start dates: October, 19th 2019 (Small- FULL), October, 26th 2019 (large), November, 16th 2019 (Small), November, 23rd 2019 (large)

No start dates in December 2019

See full list of dates on our CALENDAR.

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Adult Basic Obedience

Adult classes focus on teaching basic obedience, strengthening commands your dog already knows, basic leash walking, and appropriate social interactions when possible. 

All sizes.  Designed for dogs over 6 months of age.  Dogs should be social and non-aggressive for this class.

4 weeks, $110 + tax, 6 pm- 7 pm

Next start dates: Tuesday, September 24th (FULL), Wednesday, October 30th, Thursday, November 28th

See full list of dates on our CALENDAR.

Intro to Agility

Intro to Agility will introduce you and your dog to a variety of agility equipment and teach the basics techniques for teaching your dog jumps, weave poles, tunnel and more.  Non-competitive class designed to introduce you to the sport of agility, for those wanting to join agility clubs or those just wanting to have fun with their dogs!

All ages and sizes welcome.  Social dogs preferred. Prior basic obedience class recommended. 

4 weeks, $110 + tax, 6 pm - 7 pm    

Next start dates: Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

See full list of date on our CALENDAR


We are introducing Pay-as-you-go workshops, so you can practice obedience with your pup without the 4 week commitment! Dates for each of the courses below (except reactivity) will be provided in the Calendar. Some of these courses will require the completion of a basic obedience course and social with other dogs. The same rules apply as those listed in Group Classes.

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Level 2 Basic Obedience

Level 2 Basic Obedience Class focuses on strengthening commands learned in puppy or adult class, by adding challenges and distractions. 

All ages and sizes.  Social dogs preferred.  Designed for dogs who have completed a basic puppy or adult course at Animal Antics, or another approved positive reinforcement facility.  

Workshops will be at 6pm

Tuesday November 5th

Price: $30 per session

See full list of date on our CALENDAR.

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Under Construction but tentative course details:

Out-N-About Manners also known as Level 3 obedience will add the challenge of working at a local park and building up manners/obedience.

This class will require previous obedience class experience and dog should be social/non-reactive with dogs/people. They will also require an interview/assessment (free) to ensure the dog is appropriate for the class and distraction level.

Price: $40

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Obedience Games

Due to lack of interest, this course has been put on hold, however elements of it will be present in Level 2 Obedience

Obedience Games is just as it sounds- lots of fun! This class does a variety of fun activities and games that you can play with your dog, to improve their obedience and entertain them. 

All ages and sizes welcome.  Social dogs only. Prior basic obedience class required.

Price: $30 (1 hr)

Fun nights starting Thursday, October 17th, Thursday, November 14th


Loose Leash Walking

This course focuses on teaching your dog how to walk without pulling.  Start enjoying your walks together!

All ages and sizes welcome.  Social dogs preferred.  Prior basic obedience class recommended.  As with all our classes, no PRONG or CHOKER collars allowed.  

Workshop: Tuesday, November 19th, 2019

Price: $30/class

See full list of date on our CALENDAR.

Scent Work

Introduction to Scent Work will teach you how to use your dog's nose in controlled, fun exercises, that work the mind and body! 

All ages and sizes welcome, as long as your pup is food and/or toy motivated.

Pricing depends on number of classes and length

Private sessions available- call us for details.

The focus of the Reactive Dog Class is on appropriate leash walking and training dogs to manage interactions with other dogs and people safely and effectively.  

We are no longer holding group reactive classes, instead these sessions will be one-on-one and can be schedule during our regular hours.

First session will be a private 1 hour session ($70) to assess your dog’s reactivity and provide you with the techniques for proper handling. Each dog is different and should be treat as such. From there we will discuss setting up additional sessions to work on introduction with dogs and/or people. Some dogs will only required one, 1 hour session and from there can do introduction sessions lasting 20 mins ($20/session). These introduction sessions will allow us to see that you and your dog are on the right track and provide a safe environment to practice the techniques established in the first class.

All ages and sizes welcome.  Aggressive dogs allowed, but may require muzzling.


Reactive Dog





Training Application available on Contact us Page


Private training is available for basic puppy issues, such as house soiling and puppy biting, as well as basic obedience training.  We also provide private training for behaviour issues, such as leash reactivity, guarding, aggression, separation anxiety, and more in dogs, and cat behaviour issues, such as litterbox issues and aggression.   

Private On-Site training requires a non-refundable, non-transferable $25 deposit at the time of booking.  This can be made by credit card over the phone or e-transfer, or you are welcome to come in and pay.  We require 24 hours notice for cancelled appointments, or you will be billed for the missed session.  

Private In-home training requires a full payment at least 48 hours prior to the appointment (credit card over the phone, e-transfer or come in to pay). We require 24 hours notice for cancelled appointments, or you will be billed for the missed session.  

The trainer you will receive for training will be based on the issue. For instance, manners, puppy training, leash walking and behaviour problems such as biting, barking and jumping will be handled by Jayden. Both of these trainers are experienced and educated in behaviour and training. Kelly will handle behavioural consultations including anxiety, aggression and other species behaviour issues.

If groups are not for you, we also offer private on-site obedience lessons for dogs of all ages, starting as early as 8 weeks of age. Private classes allow your puppy to have the complete attention of our Behaviourist/Trainers as you work on the same skills provided in group classes. Private lessons are scheduled weekly, biweekly, or monthly, depending on the owner's schedule and ability to stick to daily at home training.  Private classes are also most suitable for problem behaviours.  The number of sessions required for behaviour problems will depend on the severity of the issue, as we guide you on how to work with your dog, requiring less sessions with our trainers/behaviourist.

Private On-Site Training for basic puppy issues is $55+ tax per session

Behaviour Consultation/Training with our Behaviourist Kelly is $70+ tax per session.

Proof of age appropriate vaccinations required for admission to class, including Bordetella (Kennel Cough).

On-Site Private Training

We offer private in-home obedience lessons, for dogs of all ages, starting as early as 8 weeks of age.  Private lessons are scheduled weekly, biweekly, or monthly, depending on the owner's schedule and ability to stick to daily at home training. Private in-home lessons are also suitable for some problem behaviours.  

Private In-Home Obedience Lessons with our Behaviourist- Kelly are $115+tax per session, plus travel depending on your location. CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE FOR IN-HOMES FOR PERSONAL REASONS. Kelly is happy to do phone consults for cats and currently still available for at centre appointments.

Privates In-Homes with Jayden are $95 + tax per session, plus travel depending on your location.

In-Home Private Training

Private training is available for your cats, birds and other companion animal species.  We primarily deal with cat behaviour issues, including litterbox issues and aggression.  

Private In-Home Training is $105 + tax per session, plus travel depending on your location.  We also offer telephone consultations for cat behaviour.  Cost is $45 + tax per session. These are handled by Kelly, our behaviourist. 

Behaviour Consultations for Other Companion Animal Species 

We offer individualized consultations to help you in selecting the right pet and breed for your family and lifestyle. We will discuss with your entire family the time and commitment that they have and exactly what you are looking for and will then present you with a variety of suitable choices.  Whether you don't know if you want a dog or cat, or whether you can't decide on a breed of dog or cat, we can offer our expertise to ensure a good match between your family and the soon-to-be new addition.  

Pet selection consultations are $80 and come with 1 free on-site private obedience/educational lesson once your bring your new puppy or kitten home!


Pet Selection Consultation 

Training Application available on Contact Us Page