Kelly French-Mitrevski - Owner/ Behaviourist

Animal Antics is owned and operated by Kelly French-Mitrevski, BSc, MSc.  She received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Guelph, majoring in biology and minoring in psychology, and continued her education at the American College of Applied Science, completing her Master's in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling.  Kelly is one of the only animal behaviourists with this level of education in the Windsor-Essex County area and is the first Canadian graduate from the American College of Applied Science.  She is also a supporting member of theInternational Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC), and has attended their annual conference in 2011 and 2012.  In November 2017, Kelly attended the Pet Professional Guild's conference in Orlando, to continue learning in her field.  

Kelly has a love for all animals, and a lifetime of experience working with them, from dogs to cats to horses.  She currently lives with Mira, a hound mix rescued from a shelter in Ohio (who was pregnant and had 5 puppies in December 2012), Bootso, one of Mira's puppies, and 4 wonderful cats. Prior to opening the new behaviour centre, Kelly worked as an Animal Behaviour Counsellor at the Windsor-Essex County Humane Society, where she helped assess and work with dogs and cats to help increase adoptability and smooth the transition into their forever home. She has also spent time at a local veterinary clinic, providing hands-on experience with dogs and cats everyday. She has been extremely active in a variety of community pet focused events.

Kelly follows scientifically-proven positive reinforcement, non-aversive animal training and is able to train basic and advanced obedience, as well as correct dysfunctional behaviours in dogs, cats, horses, birds, and small animals.  Dysfunctional behaviours include aggression, fears, separation anxiety, litterbox issues, excessive vocalizations, and compulsions.

Kelly is always looking for more educational opportunities to further help you and your pets.  She currently teaches all private lessons and in-home training, and assists as needed in group classes.


Jayden Mayville- Daycare Manager and Assistant Trainer

Jayden always knew she loved animals even though she only owned small animals (fish and hamsters) until her late teens when she become mom to a bearded dragon and sister to two beautiful Shetland sheepdogs. Before this, most of her experience was from family and friends' pets. Even from this, she knew she wanted to work in the animal industry. Just which career? She first volunteered at Town and Country Veterinary clinic, a great experience but also one that showed her she didn't want to go into the medical field. After that she volunteered at Woof-A-Roo 2015, which was a good opportunity to learn about current issues, training and careers within the companion animal industry. That experience helped develop Jayden's interest for Canine Behaviour, Positive Reinforcement and Animal Antics. 

Jayden started with Animal Antics volunteering in the daycare and officially joined the team in 2016. She currently works full-time in the daycare and assists with classes-teaching the puppy group classes, and Dog Games, and assisting with the Reactive classes. During this time, her home has welcomed several foster dogs and helped them find their forever homes. In her spare time she also offers dog-sitting. 

Jayden has a Bachelor degree in Forensic Science with specialization in Biology and a Diploma in Canine Behaviour Science and Technology through the Companion Animal Science Institute (CASI). She is also a member of the Association for Animal Behaviour Professionals.  While at the University, Jayden volunteered as a mentor to younger students and as a teaching assistant. Currently, she is study scent-work courses through the Scentwork University.

In the future, she will pursue a Master's in Forensic Veterinary sciences, and hopes to work with working dogs (eg. scent detection, therapy and search and rescue) as well as help dogs that may be considered reactive (she has completed 2 courses directed towards dog aggression/reactivity through the CASI). 


Caitlin Foster- Daycare Attendant and Staff Manager

Caitlin’s journey with dogs began on a small island in Thailand where she volunteered at a shelter called Lanta Animal Welfare (LAW). Here she had to master a calm and patient approach to gain the trust of six different dog packs who had seen some rough days before they ended up at LAW. Caitlin’s calm demeanour led her to be trusted to work with the sick dogs and she could often be heard singing to them to help them relax.

After returning to Canada, Caitlin was immediately hired at a dog daycare and boarding facility and she hasn’t looked back since. She has followed her military husband, Kyle, around on different postings and has worked at several dog daycare and boarding facilities as well at a dog walking and in-home care company.

Caitlin and Kyle relocated back to Windsor in 2017 and a very pregnant Caitlin came into Animal Antics with her two rescue dogs Sandy (a senior husky) and Sunakh (a german shepherd mix). Here, she shared dog experiences with the Owner of Animal Antics, Kelly, who offered her a job when her maternity leave was up. Caitlin loves being a part of the Antics team and enjoys working with shy dogs to help build their confidence and trust.

Caitlin and Kyle have a handsome one-year old boy named Barrett who keeps them on their toes. Caitlin also works with a non-profit called Adopt-A-Vet. Its mission is to ensure all military veterans don’t feel left alone over the holidays. Caitlin is hoping to train Sunakh to become a therapy dog that can come with her to visit vets on the holidays. Before travelling around the world, Caitlin gained a history degree and an education degree from the University of Windsor. She also enjoys cooking and trying new cuisine, working out, playing softball, and raising the best little boy a mom could wish for!

Madison Horne - Daycare Attendant

Madison is an animal enthusiast who volunteers her home and time to animals in need. During her schooling, Madison co-oped at the Humane Society. Additionally, she and her family provide a home to young puppies before they go to their forever homes. She certainly “foster failed” after meeting Delta a beautiful 3-legged bulldog mix; this sweet girl has unbelievable love and trust after a rough start in life. Madison home is always filled with animals from her other dog to young kittens. She joined our team in March of 2019. At Animal Antics she provides care to our daycare groups and enjoys watching dog grow and play. In her free time she loves going on trips with her big family. She is a hunter who strongly believes you eat what you kill and every animal should be valued- nothing is wasted. On this adventures, she has had the pleasure of working with several hunting dogs, which she admires greatly for their skill and training.

Jessica MacFarlane -Daycare Attendant

Jessica has a passion for working with animals and which we saw and admired about her during her co-op period with us. We couldn’t wait to have her on our team and hired her in June 2019. She is now one of our daycare attendants helping with care and supervision of our groups. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her own dog, family and friends. She is also involved in several sports from soccer to hockey that keep her very busy. This fall she will be entering post-secondary education and begin pursuing her dream of Veterinary Technician.

Lydia M. Miller - Daycare Attendant

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Natalie Topolski - Daycare Attendant

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