Open Monday to Friday 8 am to 6 pm,

Saturday 8 am to 4 pm (closed Sundays)

Early drop-off (6:30 am) and late pick-up (7 pm) available upon request!

Do you ever worry that your furry friend is getting bored sitting at home while you have to work, run errands, or visit someone? Well worry no more. Animal Antics Behaviour Centre provides full day doggy daycare to keep them entertained for you.

All puppies at daycare will receive fully supervised play time with other daycare dogs. Nap times are available upon request or as needed and lunch can be given if you bring your dog's own food. Generally, your dog will be free to play all day with their friends, with crates and kenneling only used with permission of owner and if dog requests a break from the group. Our daycare staff work hard to ensure the happiness of each and every dog with individualized attention. Our daycare is equipped with both indoor and outdoor play areas, including two separate play groups- large/rowdy dogs and small/calmer large dogs.  We can accommodate up to 60 dogs per day (max 30 dogs per play group), depending on staffing, weather conditions (we accept fewer dogs when we cannot use our outdoor space).

It is VERY IMPORTANT to note that not all dogs want to be in a large social group.  Many dogs do not enjoy or cannot safely handle playing with multiple dogs, even if they enjoy a few friends in the dog park or have other dog friends at home.  If your dog is overwhelmed in our group, we will recommend they do not continue coming to daycare.  An overwhelmed dog is not enjoying their time here and is more likely to react aggressively when they cannot avoid interactions.  


  • Hourly- $8+tax

  • Half Day (under 4 hours) - $20+tax

  • Full Day (4-9 hours) - $28+tax

  • Over 9 hours - $32+tax (additional $6 per day on our package holders)

  • 5 consecutive days - $110+tax ($22/day)

  • 6 consecutive days- $126+tax ($21/day)

  • 10 Day Package - $248+tax (10th visit free)

  • 10 Half Day Package- $180+tax (10th visit free)

Prices are effective as of January 1, 2018  

There are currently no additional charges for early pick up and late drop off. Refunds on packages must be requested within 3 months of purchase.

New applicants should fill out the daycare application provided on the contact us page and either call/email or drop in to submit it and book an initial assessment (1-2hrs in daycare).


  • Proof of vaccinations must be provided at registration and updates must be provided as needed

  • Dogs must be people friendly AND dog friendly

  • Dog and People Aggressive dogs are not allowed in the daycare area- please contact us for private training to address ways to modify aggressive behaviour

  • Reservations are REQUIRED to ensure a space in daycare, preferably at least a day prior to guarantee a space

  • Please inform us if you plan to drop your dog off before 8 am, so we can ensure adequate staff on hand to manage early morning play groups

  • All dogs are required to have a short (no more than 2 hour) initial visit and an appointment is REQUIRED. Dogs will be assessed for suitability in our daycare during this visit

  • We REQUIRE dogs attend regularly- at least once a month, preferably more often, to ensure consistency and proper social skill development.

  • If your dog is sneezing, coughing, or has diarrhea they MUST stay home to prevent disease spread.